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Safety and Efficiency; Cost-Effective

It is essential to find a crane rental company that fully understands the importance of safety and efficiency. Whether you are looking for a long-term or short term crane rental, we can help you with unique solutions for every requirement.  

We offer certified riggers along with a wide variety of cranes for any  job in Alberta and NT. From loading and unloading to assembling as well as disassembling of heavy construction equipment, our cranes are equipped to handle a variety of weights. We pride ourselves on getting the job done in a safe, professional, and timely fashion. Our team is efficient and experienced and can offer innovative solutions to help you get out of any inconvenience.

Red Seal Journeyman Crane Operators in NWT and Alberta

Our licensed Red Seal Journeyman Crane Operators ensure that every job is completed with compliance to National Craning and Hoisting Regulations . With a variety of options, our cranes are designed to get the best performance from the equipment, all the while maintaining the parameters of safety and efficiency. We can assist you with:

Estimating and planning

Choosing the right crane


Crane placement

Mobilization and demobilization

Operator orientation

Safety training certification

Affordable Crane Rentals

CCPC is proud to own a fleet of cranes to provide you with the best solutions at affordable rates.

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